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The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety provides a path to freedom from anxiety, depression and trauma, through a thoughtful combination of Spirituality, Evidence-Based Therapy and Modern Technology. This unique combination of modalities forms a very special recipe that eases the nervous system, calms the brain and restores the body, mind and spirit to its natural state of well-being and connection. Our goal is to help you to enjoy your life again, or maybe even for the first time.

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Why We Can Help

It takes more than flour to make a cake.  Simple talk therapy is wonderful, but science has shown that mental unhappiness such as anxiety, depression and trauma, are held in different parts of the brain, body and spirit.  Therefore, it is imperative to treat the whole being in order achieve real and lasting mental health. As a therapist, I love sitting with my clients face to face every week to help them better understand the sources of their anxiety. The therapeutic relationship is vital to mental health. But, in my experience, talk therapy is not enough.  That is why in addition to the psychotherapy I incorporate a specifically designed program of healing mechanisms that align the body, mind and spirit. It is knowing this that makes us successful as healers, and why we can help you.

What is Anxiety? What is Depression and What is Trauma?

Anxiety is the fight/flight mechanism in our brain and is essential to our survival as a species. It’s important to know that anxiety is not what’s wrong with you. It’s what’s right with you.  In this day and age we are asking our brains to take on a lot more than it was designed to do originally. This is the reason anxiety and depression are at an all time high. Anxiety compounds in the amygdala, a part of your brain located in the center of the limbic system. Your limbic system is responsible for your emotional regulation.

The more overwhelmed the amygdala gets, the harder it is for your limbic system to balance your emotions and feelings.  Repeated experiences of fear and uncertainty build up the fight/flight mechanism The amygdala stores up and collects anxiety and trauma, and as a result, each time you experience fear it produces a stronger, more anxious state.

Many people say they feel they were born with anxiety. It is possible you were. For a number of reasons, it is very likely you experienced anxiety in utero. Just having a baby is an anxiety evoking experience. Scientific studies have shown that anxiety and depression are inherited just as much as height, hair, eye color etc.  As you age, your brain waves become dysregulated and anxious states become more and more severe, eventually affecting your ability to respond rationally without becoming emotionally highjacked by your amygdala. There is a long list of indicators that reveal your overwhelmed amygdala ie bad sleep patterns, eating issues, blood pressure, migraines, IBS, shorter fuses, memory, the ability to concentrate… the list goes on and on. 

Anxiety, depression and trauma make your world smaller. Your comfort zone begins to shrink. Certain memories may trigger uncomfortable thoughts or flashbacks.  Maybe you don’t like driving in a car anymore. Social settings have begun to feel unpleasant and unwelcomed. Perhaps thoughts of going on a plane or into an elevator, are limit your ability to live the life you want.

Our center takes very gentle and realistic steps toward helping you to live your life again with small and brief sessions that help you to better understand how your anxiety speaks to you, and how to change the dialogue in your head so that you can conquer the trauma or fear that is unjustly controlling your life.

Why Spirituality is vital to Mental Health?

There have been many studies that show hope is an essential component of healing. There is something about us as human beings that need hope. We all need hope. We need spirituality. We need to be able to trust that no matter what, you will be okay. And you are. And you will be. Better than okay. Maybe you have heard the saying “leap and the net will appear”. We don’t believe that is entirely accurate. We know that when you take that leap of faith, you begin to soar and you realize you never even needed a net. Many people share the limited belief that the world is to be experienced by the 5 senses. But, we can only see 3% of light spectrum!!! Einstein said there was more to the unseen than the seen. Connecting with our intuition through a higher source, whatever that may be, changes the boundaries of perception and the life you are able to live. We are here to break the limits that anxiety, depression and trauma seem to oppress you with and help you seek your true purpose and the life that fulfills you

Understanding your Brain

Frontal Cortex .01

The part of our brain where we do all of our thinking.

Amygdala .02

The amygdala is where anxiety and trauma get stored.

Neurofeedback .03

An amazing modality used by NASA in the armed forces gives your brain a chance to fix itself.

Frontal Cortex



Sedatives and anxiolytics

Alpha stimulation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)



04. Alpha Stimulation

This device helps your brain achieve a steady alpha wave.

05. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The way we think about our problems informs how we will react to them.

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